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Category Archives: Bird Feeders

Gardman Complete Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit


Beautifully ornate and made from black powder coated metal with an extra heavy duty pole this stunning Gardman Wild Bird Complete Feeding Station will entice a wide variety of wild birds into your garden. It features all that you could

Colour Cup Bird Feeder


This Colour Cup Bird Feeder is perfect for dotting between your plants or positioning close to window. This sturdy feeder certainly adds a splash of colour to your garden and is suitable for a variety of bird foods such as

Chapelwood Rustic Log Suet Treat Bird Feeder 30cm long with 4 Suet Balls


Treat the birds in your garden to this decorative rustic feeding log which comes complete with 4 premium suet balls. This is ideal for all year round feeding for a variety of wild birds and includes a rope so you

Chapelwood Heavy Duty Bird Peanut Bird Feeder


This 12

Chapelwood 8 Stainless Steel Peanut Bird Feeder


Ideal for the keen bird enthusiast this Stainless Steel Peanut Feeder will remain intact throughout the seasons and features a loop hook drain-away base and removable perch. You will certainly encourage wild birds into the garden time and time again.

Chapelwood 8 Heavy Duty Seed Bird Feeder


This orange coloured heavy-duty feeder is a tall thin design this feeder is bound to entice the maximum number of birds to peck away at the delicious contents that you provide and maximising your viewing of the wild varieties. Sturdy

Chapelwood Compact Ground Bird Feeder


This Compact Ground Feeder is ideal for feeding wild birds or hedgehogs. Rather than the food that you place on the ground getting lost or not eaten invest in a ground feeder that can be adjusted to take into account

Chapelwood Antique Sunflower & Peanut Feeder – Cream


This fabulous Chapelwood Antique Sunflower and Peanut Feeder for wild birds will not only look amazing hanging in your garden but also is squirrel-proof. Made from steel with a stylish filigree design in an antique cream finish and a high

Chapelwood Window Seed Bird Feeder


This Chapelwood Window Seed Feeder has been designed to attract small garden birds closer to your home. This allows you to really enjoy up-close viewing of visiting wild birds. Providing a sheltered feeding area this seed feeder is made from

Chapelwood Heavy Duty Niger Seed Bird Feeder


This Heavy Duty Niger Seed Feeder will encourage wild birds into your garden and not require filling up as often as smaller feeders. Made from stainless steel it is strong and durable – simply hang it from a branch or

Chapelwood Half Coconut Suet Treat


This Chapelwood Half Coconut Suet Treat is a delicious high energy suet-filled half coconut for your garden birds that is ideal for all year round feeding. They will adore this treat consisting of sunflower seeds cracked grains and other seeds

Chapelwood Seed Catching Tray


This Chapelwood Seed Catching Tray catches bird feeding debris saving any wastage for re-use. Manufactured from polished stainless steel it is suitable for use with Chapelwood Heavy Duty and Ultimate Seed Feeders. Incorporating drainage holes this tray is easily cleaned

Chapelwood Squirrel Dome and Bird Feeder Shelter


Want to confuse squirrels to stop them pinching food from your bird feeders? This Chapelwood Squirrel Dome and Feeder Shelter will let your small wild birds eat their food and baffle the furry raiders as well as larger birds. Manufactured

Gardman Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Bird Feeder


This simple but highly effective Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder ensures that those pesky squirrels cannot pinch the nuts meant for wild birds! This is a quality construction of stainless steel and aluminium which means that is strong durable and

Build Your Own Bird Feeder


Build your own bird feeder and get a fabulous close up view of birds feeding from inside your home. It makes a lovely little window bird feeder that attaches to your window with suction cups and it could be a

Chapelwood Sunflower Hearts Bird Feeder – 8in


This great click top Chapelwood Sunflower Hearts Bird Feeder will attract wild birds to your garden. It is a classic steel feeder with a plastic contoured base that has been specifically designed for sunflower hearts and sunflowers and is sure

Chapelwood Stainless Steel Niger Seed Bird Feeder – 16in


The stylish Chapelwood Stainless Steel Niger Seed Feeder makes a perfect addition to your garden especially if you want to attract finches. Made using stainless steel components with an acrylic seed tube and handy perches it is sure to be

Chapelwood Click Top Niger Seed Bird Feeder – 12in


Attract finches and other wild birds to your garden with this Chapelwood Click Top Niger Seed Feeder. It is a classic steel feeder with a plastic contoured base and handy perches that has been specifically designed for niger seeds and

Chapelwood Squirrel Resistant Niger Seed Brid Feeder – 8in


A super squirrel-resistant feeder! This Chapelwood Heavy Duty Niger Seed Feeder will allow your wild birds to feast without squirrels pinching any of the seeds. Ideal for niger thistle or feazle seeds this premium quality feeder made with stainless steel

Chapelwood Ultimate Niger Seed Bird Feeder – 8 Perch


This Chapelwood Ultimate Niger Seed Feeder has four feeding ports and eight perches that enable your wild birds to feed more easily. The UV stabilised polycarbonate tube allows you to see when you need to refill and the