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Category Archives: Plant Care & Earth

J.Arthur Bowers Growbag 33litres


This J.Arthur Bowers Growbag is suitable for tomatoes peppers aubergines cucumbers green beans and melons. This has a reduced peat content and contains added nutrients and wetting agent. Growbags are ideal for growing in the greenhouse but are also perfect

Miracle-Gro Potato & Vegetable Gro-Sac 50L


The Miracle-Gro Potato & Vegetable Gro-Sac for potatoes and root vegetables is the perfect way of growing your own at home where space is limited or on the patio. Use it for potatoes carrots parsnips beetroot and other vegetables. It

Levington John Innes Seed Compost 8 Litre


Levington John Innes Seed Compost is suitable for sowing seeds and rooting cuttings. Traditional mixture of loam peat and sand. Free draining open texture with specially balanced nutrient level to encourage strong germination of seeds and quick rooting of cuttings.

Levington John Innes No1 Compost 8 Litre


Levington John Innes No 1 Compost contains a traditional mixture of loan peat and grit. Use when transplanting delicate seedlings and when good drainage is important. 8 Litre

Levington Citrus Compost 8 Litre


Levington Citrus Compost has a pH balance ideal for glossy green leaves and to help give your citrus plants a long life full of flowers and fruits. Suitable for citrus trees and bushes orange trees grapefruit trees lemon and lime

J.Arthur Bowers Top Soil 25 Litre


J.Arthur Bowers Top Soil contains quality natural English loam blended with organic matter and nutrients. It

Miracle-Gro Fruit and Vegetable Compost 50 Litres


This blend of compost far surpasses ordinary garden soil with double the yield. Enriched with organic plant food this sweet smelling formula that is enriched with peat and bark will produce the a superior fruit. Ideal for pots tubs containers

Baby Bio For Herbs


Baby Bio for Herbs combined the perfect balance of nutrients for home grown herbs. Encouraging strong healthy growth Baby Bio is suitable for all herbs and promotes optimum taste and aroma. 175ml

Baby Bio Orchid Food 175ml


Baby Bio Orchid Food is the ideal feed for all kinds or orchids. Orchids have very specific nutritional requirements and although it is true that they can survive on very low levels of nutrition they will only reach their full

J Arthur Bowers John Innes Seed Compost – 20 Litres


J.Arthur Bowers John Innes Soil-Based Compost Seed is a soil-based formulation with limestone and sand. Loam provides the main body of the compost but also forms the base of plant nutrition by supplying clay which has a cation and anion

Organic and Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost – 56L


This 56L multi-purpose compost is eco friendly as it’s full of organic nutrients which are fantastic for seed sowing cuttings and pricking out. Even use this great compost for potting in planters or your hanging baskets through the seasons.After you

Levington Organic Blend Top Soil 20 Litres


Perfect for enriching top soil Levington Organic Blend Top Soil is a rich fertile loam-based soil with a high content of organic matter. It is ideal for creating new beds and borders where the existing soil is poor or for

Baby Bio Leaf Wipes 200ml.


Leaf wipes impregnated with mild oils to gently clean and shine foliage house plants. These wipes are suitable for smooth leaved house plants such as – Rubber Swiss Cheese and Umbrella plants. Advice: Support the underside of the leaf with