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Category Archives: Plant Seeds

Flower Seeds – Lupin Band of Nobles Mixed


With an exciting and colourful range of robust densely packed flower spikes this traditional lupin will enhance any garden scene. An easy and very rewarding hardy perennial to grow in borders the plant will grow to a height of 90-120cm

Flower Seeds – Delphinium Pacific Giants Mixed


A justifiably famous and reliable strain that will flower in the summer from an early sowing. This breed produces strong spikes of mainly semi-double blooms in a wide colour range on sturdy stems.Sow from February to April approx 3mm deep

Flower Seeds – Dianthus Maiden Pink Brilliancy


Perfect garden filler making a good multi-purpose plant for creating rivers of colour in beds borders and rockeries between paving or in patio containers. These ground-hugging hardy perennials spread rapidly and flower from spring to autumn.Sow February to June or

Flower Seeds – Forget Me Not Blue Ball


This compact and ball shaped plant with bright blue flowers will enhance any garden with its startling colour. Brilliant for beds borders and containers growing to a height of 15cm (6in).Sow in May to June outdoors in a well prepared

Flower Seeds – Foxglove (Digitalis) Excelsior Hybrids Mixed


This effective and spectacular strain are superb for shady shrub and tree areas. They can really bring the early summer garden alive with plants flowering in early summer to a height of 5ft. Sow in late spring/early summer outdoors in

Flower Seeds – Foxglove (Digitalis) Foxy


If sown indoors late winter/early spring this annual foxglove flowers in summer (regular foxgloves are biennial). This variety is a dwarfer invaluable for exposed sites growing to a height of 65cm (26in).For flowering in the same season sow in early

Flower Seeds – Hollyhock Powder Puffs Mixed


This magnificent strain contains a wide range of colours varying from red pink rose and white to yellow and the imperial spikes of blooms give an air of stately splendour. It is one of the finest background plants for the

Flower Seeds – Morning Glory Heavenly Blue


These seeds will grow into gorgeous sky blue flowers up to 6cm across that will appear throughout summer on this free-flowering elegant climber. Also suitable for greenhouse or conservatory growing this plant prefers a sunny sheltered and warm site ideal

Flower Seeds – Nemophila Pennie Black


This hardy annual produces an incessant parade of sumptuous 2cm rich deep purple to black flowers with a scalloped silvery-white edge. It has a truly ground hugging habit that will provide ground cover and contrast growing to a height of

Flower Seeds – Pansy Clear Crystal Mixed


A superb selection of clear colours without blotches. An early and free flowering mixture this variety flowers in spring/summer to a height of 6.Sow late winter/spring or late summer 1.5mm deep in good seed compost excluding light as darkness is

Flower Seeds – Pansy Thompson & Morgan Colossal Flowered Mixed


A specially selected extra-large flowered strain concentrating on the warmer rich colours. These make superb bedding or container subjects in sun or part shade. These hardy perennials will grow to a height of 15-23cm (6-9in). Sow late winter/spring or late

Flower Seeds – Poppy Flanders


Often seen sprinkling cornfields this variety is ideal for creating a bright splash of colour in a sunny corner where little else will grow.This hardy annual will grow to a height of 45-60cm (18-24in). Sow outdoors April to May or

Flower Seeds – Primrose Giant Flowered Mixed


This hand selected strain of very large flowered primroses features almost every colour of the rainbow. Ideal for spring flowers spring flowering pot plants and bedding in sun or part shade.Sow spring to mid summer in good seed compost and

Flower Seeds – Stocks Night Scented


Deliciously scented flowers which open in the evening these should be sown anywhere that is close enough to the house to get the benefit of such a beautiful fragrance. Below windows patio tubs window boxes even a small sowing in

Flower Seeds – Stocks Virginia Mixed


A bright and colourful mixture of one of the easiest grown and hardiest of all dwarf annuals great for edges and borders coming very quickly into bloom.Sow in spring outdoors where they are to flower. Prepare the ground well and

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea (Lathyrus) Antique Fantasy Mixed


Colourful and intoxicating with an outstanding fragrance these grow vigorously and their strong stems and the variety of colour is hard to equal.These hardy annuals are superb for arches trellises obelisks etc. Sow October to January indoors or March to

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea (Lathyrus ) Early Mammoth Mixed


This variety has extra long stems bearing 5-6 large fragrant blossoms and has a superb colour range. A hardy annual which is ideal for arches trellisis obelisks etc. Sow October to Janury indoors or March to April outdoors. Overwinter indoor-sown

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea (Lathyrus ) Floral Tribute Mixed


A few years ago Thompson & Morgan initiated a project to provide home gardeners with the definitive Sweet Pea mixture. The brief was to provide outstanding fragrance exhibition standard blooms and the widest colour range. Each variety chosen was multiplied

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea (Lathyrus ) Heirloom Mix


A mixture of smaller flowered Heirloom grandiflora types many dating back to the 16th century in a wide range of highly scented colours. Ideal for adding the strongest of fragrances to your cutting or climbing garden making this mix superb

Flower Seeds – Pansy Universal Mixed F1 Hybrid


Wonderful for summer bedding or if sown in summer will flower through the winter in mild spells. Compact and in a very wide range of blotched and pure colours.This hardy annual will grow to a height of 15-23cm (6-9in). Sow