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Category Archives: Seeds & Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tulip ”Angelique”- 7 Bulbs


These tulips will grow in a wide range of soils provided there is good drainage. The flowers sometimes called peony-like are packed with pink petals which are tinged with lighter and darker pink.Ideal for beds and borders this variety flowers

Flower Seeds – Wallflower Dwarf Brilliant Bedder Seeds


This dwarf variety is a sturdy neat and compact plant excellent for bedding containers and borders.This hardy biennial will grow to a height of 25-30cm (10-12in). Sow in late spring/early summer outdoors in a well prepared seed bed. Sow the

Flower Seeds – Wallflower Tom Thumb


With a very wide colour range this variety is excellent for small spaces bedding borders tubs and window boxes. It is a hardy biennial and will grow to a height of 15-23cm (6-9in). Sow May to June outdoors in a

Herb Seeds – Cress Extra Curled


These seeds are easy to grow ideal for children and grow well on a windowsill. Why not grow some in an empty eggshell with a face painted on the side. Your face will soon have hair!Sow at any time of

Herb Seeds – Basil Sweet Green


Tasting like a mixture of mint and cloves this Basil compliments courgettes and is legendary in tomato and pasta dishes.Use fresh or dried in salads casseroles and vinegars. This versatile herb can be used as an insect repellent and companion

Herb Seeds – Borage


A beautiful upright herb with rough leaves covered with silvery hairs and most attractive celestial blue flowers. Beloved by bees it has a cucumber like flavour. Chopped leaves make a healthy soup or young leaves can be dipped in batter

Herb Seeds – Coriander


A dual purpose annual herb grown for its seeds or fresh young leaves. The seeds are delicious in cakes and when crushed add an orangey flavour to meat dishes. The young leaves are often called ‘Cilantro’ and are great finely

Herb Seeds – Dill


An attractive borders plant with aromatic ferny foliage. It has a flavour all of its own in both leaves and seeds and is excellent in sauces salads soups etc. The leaves are a good substitute for parsley tarragon and mint

Grow Your Own Nice & Spicy Chilli Kit


Mr Fothergills Windowsill Kit – Fragrant Garden


Mr Fothergills Windowsill Kit – Sunflower Garden


Plant n Grow Stir-Fry Starter Kit


Plant n Grow Salad Starter Kit


Herb Seeds – Chervil


The rich savoury taste blends well with fish or meat. The leaves can also be chopped and added to salads stews and dressings. As a guide the flavour is parsley-like with a hint of aniseed. A hardy annual and winter

Herb Seeds – Sorrel


Young leaves should be picked regularly for fresh salads and will add a tart flavour to a mixed leaf salad. It is best to pick leaves whilst smaller as bitterness increases with larger older leaves.A perennial usually grown as a

Flower Seeds – Aquilega Nora Barlow


Aquilega Nora Barlow or as it is more commonly known Columbine has masses of full double nodding flowers in suffused pink red and green. Ideal for borders and beautiful as cut followers these are a must for any flower arranger.Sowing

Autumn Bulbs – Snowdrops (Galanthus Woronowi) – 7 Bulbs


Snowdrops (Galanthus Woronowi) can often be found naturalised in woodland fields ditches and grassy meadows. Due to its wide range of natural habitats snowdrops are hardy and will happily grow almost anywhere. Galanthus Woronowi has chunky green leaves from which

Herb Seeds – Coriander Calypso


Herb Coriander Calypso Seeds produce an essential and increasingly popular herb with good bolt resistance. Coriander Calypso is a cut n come again leaf; the plant can be cut back and allowed to re-grow at least 3 times through the

Herb Seeds – Garlic Chives


Garlic chives or Chinese chives differ from ordinary chives in having flat leaves and a delicate mild garlic flavour. They can be used in salads and stews as well as fish egg or meat dishes. The blossom buds are a

Herb Seeds – Mint


This herb is the ideal accompaniment to roast lamb and is great with boiled new potatoes and peas. Mint has a piquant aroma and as such is disliked by much of the insect world making it a good companion plant.This