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Category Archives: Vegetable Seeds

Chapelwood Everyday No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg


Superb for all year round feeding and attracting the widest variety of birds to your garden this Everyday No Mess Wild Bird Seed from Chapelwood contains only the finest ingredients. Specifically a broader and more balanced selection of seeds and

Vegetable Seeds – Onion (Show) Ailsa Craig


A splendid exhibition variety of golden merit producing large globe shaped onions with a rich golden straw coloured skin. As well as being a super show variety it is also one of the best varieties for general cultivation producing large

Gardman No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg


This No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix contains a rich mixture of quality ingredients perfect for attracting a range of beautiful birds to your garden. No husks and no grow blend filled with seeds such as sunflower kernels peanut bites

Taylors Garlic Lautrec Wight 1 Bulb


Considered by many to be one of the best garlic varieties Taylors Garlic Lautrec Wight produces attractive white skinned bulbs with purple-splashed pink cloves that have a smooth almost creamy flavour. They are excellent for roasting or raw in salads.

Taylors Chilli Metal Bucket Planter – Chilli Red Demon Seeds


Grow your own chillies with this Taylors Chilli Metal Bucket Planter that comes with compost and quality Chilli Red Demon Seeds. It is perfect for kitchen greenhouse patio or balcony growing. A great growing gift full instructions are supplied so

Taylors Garlic Early Purple Wight – 1 Bulb


As it name suggests Taylors Garlic Early Purple Wight produces one of the earliest garlic harvests of the season. It is a lovely creamy tasting garlic that features purple-streaked bulbs and does not keep as well as some other varieties

Gardman Wild Bird Seed Mix 20kg – Zero rated VAT


Bring your garden to life with this great value Gardman Wild Bird Seed Mix (Zero rated VAT). The all purpose blend contains sunflower seed oats maize and wheat. It is suitable for use in seed feeders on bird tables and

Vegetable Seeds – Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli


An extremely useful and easy to grow hardy winter vegetable providing lots of tasty purple heads during late winter/early Spring.Sow in a well prepared seed bed in mid to late spring in drills 1cm deep spaced 30cm apart. When the

Vegetable Seeds – Sweetcorn Early Xtra Sweet F1 Hybrid


At harvest time it is twice as sweet as other varieties. Instead of the sweetness and flavour deteriorating as in other sweet normal varieties it has a rich sugary flavour and is easy to grow. To ensure maximum sweetness do

Vegetable Seeds – Parsnip White Gem


An excellent tried and tested variety which has shown that it can be grown successfully in virtually all soil types. It also has a very good canker resistance which results in lots of fine medium length smooth skinned high quality

Vegatable Seeds – Lettuce Arctic King


A fine lettuce known for its exceptional cold resistance and bred solely for autumn sowings. It is a large lettuce light green in colour with tasty crinkled leaves.Sow thinly in late summer and autumn 6mm deep in drills 23-30cm apart.

Vegetable Seeds – Spring Cabbage


This superb cabbage is a reliable favorite with gardeners as it forms tender flavoursome hearts without bolting (running to seed with resulting complete loss of crop) which often plagues autumn sown cabbage.Sow outdoors in a well prepared seed bed in

Vegetable Seeds – Parsnip Gladiator


World’s first hybrid parsnip. Fast maturing consistent high quality flesh silky-smooth white skin. Very good disease resistance and a superb sweet crisp-tasting vegetable. Parsnips are much underrated mainly because of a lack of imagination in cooking. Fried parsnips can be

Vegetable Seeds – Runner Bean Lady Di


Superb long slim fleshy completely stringless 30cm pods with a very slow seed development resulting in heavy crops of tender delicious dark green pods over a long seasonPrefers to be grown in fertile moist yet well drained soil which has

Vegetable Seeds – Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor


Heavy crops of long smooth textured dark-green pods. Excellent for freezing and exhibition.Prefers to be grown in fertile moist yet well-drained soil which has had plenty of well rotted compost dug into it the previous autumn. For an an early

Vegetable Seeds – Runner Bean Red Rum


A very early cropper producing lots of pods and very little foliage resulting in a tremendous crop of succulent 20cm pods. This variety is Halo Blight tolerant which means it will keep on cropping whilst other varieties are going down

Vegetable Seeds – Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia


This variety is universally recognised as being best for an autumn sowing. It establishes itself very quickly and will produce a very early crop. The white seeded slender pods are up to 23cm long.Sow from early autumn to late winter

Vegetable Seeds – Broad Bean Express


This is the fastest maturing variety of any broad bean and an early spring sowing will outyield all others. Up to 34 good pods per plant! It is a good bean for freezing as it does not discolour.Sow the seed

Vegetable Seeds – Onion Red Baron F1 Hybrid


A mid to late maturing variety with flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour. An excellent cropper producing attractive firm well flavoured bulbs which keep well and are perfect for salads and roasting.Sow from March to April in a

Vegetable Seeds – Lettuce Webbs Wonderful


Still the premier garden lettuce in most people’s vegetable patch this variety has large wrinkled leaves with a big tight centre of crisp white leaves. It is outstanding whether the summer is wet or dry and always slow to run