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World Garden Seeds – Snail Flower


A striking unusual evergreen twining climber the Snail Flower also known as the Corkscrew Flower features beautiful pendants of twisted flowers like coiled snail shells up to 5cm across. These fascinating colourful summer flowers are followed by cylindrical green fruits in late autumn and are best grown with support such as a climbing frame or trellis. They will create a magnificent display in your garden and prefer to be in a full sun position. Prior to sowing the seeds should be chipped or soaked in tepid warm for 1-2 hours. Sow in pots or trays on the surface of a good seed sowing compost and lightly cover with more compost or fine grade vermiculite until the seed is just covered. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 21-25C until germination which takes 14-30 days. Once germinated grow on in cooler conditions. When seedlings are large enough to handle transplant into 7.5cm pots and grow them on in warm bright frost free conditions. Pot on as required into progressively larger pots using a well drained compost.Quantity: 4 seeds

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